Custom Home

This 2500 square foot custom home in Wellington, CO consists of 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. The open-concept floor plan features a great room with an open kitchen, an impressive fireplace, and vaulted timber framed ceilings. The house was positioned to take advantage of the beautiful lake and mountain views and the farmhouse style is complemented by the rustic finishes throughout.

Historical Home Remodel/Addition

This remodel and addition for this 1906 historic farmhouse involved adding a mudroom, installing a new tongue-and-groove deck, building a custom new front door, and updating the exterior with new paint and other finishes. The mudroom addition is both beautiful and extremely functional and was designed to match the architecture of the existing home. A new closet, cabinet, and storage under the bench helps to keep the space organized.


A great example of an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) project. This large 2-car garage and workshop were also built with a heated game room for their grandkids. This type of structure has endless possibilities for its use. Add a bathroom and it’s a completely separate living space while adding additional finished square footage to your overall property (check your local municipality codes for specifics). This garage perfectly complements the owner’s existing house.

Custom Garage on Historic Home

Having done other work for this customer we knew we would love working at this beautiful Old Town historic Fort Collins home. Our client needed parking for two and a studio area for his wife to craft, create, and unwind while honoring the architecture of his home. With help from the homeowner on design specifics, we were able to build a very versatile space while using construction techniques and material sourcing to stay “True” to the main house and surrounding Mountain Avenue in Fort Collins. All the windows were made from sourced antique sashes, while the window jambs were site built, complete with period hardware, modern weather seals, and a lot of quality craftsmanship.

Outdoor Living Space With Fireplace

For this beautiful Timnath home, we added a large patio cover with blue stain pine ceiling, large cedar beams and posts, a TV cabinet, custom stone gas fireplace, an outdoor BBQ area with countertop, fire pit, concrete patio and walkway, and a well-placed storage area.

Blue Pine Patio Cover

A solid patio cover was needed for these Timnath homeowners to protect them from the hot afternoon sun. Blue pine (AKA “beetle kill”) was used for the ceilings and the patio cover was designed to match the original architecture of the home. Ceiling fans were also installed to make sure this outdoor space will stay cool and comfortable.

Historical Front Porch

Solid patio covers are great for entryways too! These clients asked us to design a new covered entry, replacing the tired old metal awning that had served the space for many years. They wanted something that honored the low pitched roof lines and deep overhangs and would provide a dry place to open the door. This cover is anchored to the earth by steel columns designed and fabricated with modern techniques while still maintaining the historical look of the home.

Outdoor Living Space With Custom BBQ

This free-standing solid patio cover was built with a custom BBQ, granite countertops, and large seating area for entertaining. Beetle kill pine was installed on the ceiling in addition to canned lights and a ceiling fan to keep the space cool on warm days.

Outdoor Entertaining with Addition

A Timnath outdoor space perfect for entertaining! This family wanted to expand their living space by adding a sunroom in addition to a solid patio cover and lavish outdoor kitchen. In addition to a traditional BBQ, the homeowners also wanted a smoker, griddle, and a drawer-style beverage fridge. Beetle kill pine was installed on the ceilings along with recessed lighting and a ceiling fan. The custom highlight of the project was the installation of a large NanaWall that separates the addition from the outdoor space. This large bifold door opens completely for the instant expansion of the living space. With a transparent and flexible “wall” like this, a massive amount of natural light is allowed into the addition while also protecting the homeowners from the elements.

Kitchen Remodel

The original kitchen was a galley style and the homeowners wanted a more open living space. We removed a wall that separated the front room and the kitchen. We redesigned the layout which included moving the appliances to different locations. Custom island, cabinets, countertops, new drywall/texture and flooring came together to create a perfect kitchen that can now accommodate this busy family.

Full Home Renovation

A home where our crews worked on a project in every room. A fully remodeled kitchen, primary bathroom, fireplace, and stair railing with a gate. New flooring and paint all complete such a dramatic transformation. Perfect example of how having multiple projects done at the same time can expedite the process and reduce the amount of time our crews are at your property.

Bathroom With Skylight

We remodeled this dark bathroom by adding a new walk-in shower with 8″ x 24″ tile, floor tile, lighting, and vanity. Since this interior bathroom lacks any windows and natural light, we removed part of the ceiling, drywalled the attic space opening, and added a skylight.

Fireplace Focal Point

These homeowners wanted to replace a dated tile fireplace and oversized corner cabinet. The cabinet was removed and a new stone fireplace and reclaimed mantle were built creating an updated rustic look that is now the focal point of the living space. The hearth was designed with larger stones so that it can also serve as extra seating when entertaining.

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