Lou N

When I first contacted Blue Pine Construction I got the feeling that I was dealing with a professional company. When I met with Mike to go over the specifications for the project, my initial impression was confirmed. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He provided some good suggestions for my new workshop as well as letting me know about any code requirements that we will need to consider.

Blue Pine provides a customer portal which is not only a valuable communications tool but also has features such as change order processing, invoice payment and scheduling. The Daily Log is a great way for Blue Pine to show the progress of the project. Each day Mike posts a summary of the work that was completed as well as pictures of it.

All of the people who worked on my project, both Blue Pine employees and subcontractors, were not only skilled at what they do but also very personable. I always felt welcome to stop by and see how things were going.

How things went, was outstanding. I’m extremely pleased with the quality of work that was done. From the concrete finish to the electrical work and everything in between, there is nothing I look at and wish it had been done better. It seems to me that Mike takes pride in providing the customer with an outcome that they are very happy with and makes sure he hits that goal.

Based on my experience with Blue Pine Construction, I can highly recommend them to anyone looking to have any type of construction project done.

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